Delete Node

The Delete Network option is for deleting the validator node. The option is enabled only when the validator node is in Active State.

Please note that the validator node cannot be recovered once the network is deleted. Make sure to double-check that you have selected the correct network before proceeding with deleting the network and the validator node.

Follow these steps to delete the validator node:

Step 1: Navigate to View Network - On the left navigation, click on the Validator Nodes under the Manage Services menu item. On the Avalanche network card, click on ellipsis and then click on View Network.

Step 2: Navigate to Delete Network - On the Network page, from the Action menu on the top right, select the Delete Network option.

Step 3: Delete Network Confirmation - A popup will open asking for confirmation to delete the network. Authorise the deletion by clicking on the Yes button.

The network deletion process will initiate, and the validator node will be deleted entirely. It will take a while for the node to be deleted.

Step 4: View Notifications - You can view the notifications related to the validator node deletion.

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