This uses a demo network which is deployed for all users to access zksync hyperchain network RPC. You can use the same thing with the newly deployed network.

Step 1: Register/Login - Create a new account or Log in to the existing account on the Zeeve Platform.

Step 2: Zeeve Dashboard - On the Zeeve platform dashboard click on the zkSync Hyperchains option under the APPCHAINS & ROLLUPS section available in the left sidebar. This will show your deployed zkSync Hyperchain network.

Step 3: Demo Network Card - Once you go to the network list you can see a network card is already there with a demo label. This is a predeployed network that is accessible to all users in the zeeve.

Step 4: Bridge - You will land on the overview tab where you can see the overview of the network, navigate to the Bridge tab.

Step 5: Bridge URL - You can see a bridge URL in the bottom section. you can access the bridge once you visit that link.

Step 6: Connect your wallet - Once you visit the URL you can see a blue button connect your Ethereum wallet to the zksync portal. Once you click on it, it will open a card with the wallets. Choose a wallet to connect your Ethereum wallet to the zksync network.

Step 7: Sending tokens from L1 to L2 - After you connect the wallet you can see the receive button. Choose Official Bridge. Enter the address. Enter the amount to send to the address.

Step 6: Confirm the transaction - Once you confirm the transaction click on the add funds to <network name>. Once the transaction is verified you can see the token in the assets page of the bridge.

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