RPC Endpoints

You can manage your Arbitrum Orbit RPC Endpoints by following the below steps

Step 1: Zeeve Dashboard

  • Navigate to the Zeeve platform dashboard.

  • Select the "Arbitrum Orbit" option under the "APPCHAINS & ROLLUPS" section in the left sidebar. This will display your deployed Arbitrum Orbit network.

Step 2: Deployed Arbitrum Orbit Network

  • Click on View.

Step 3: My Nodes

  • Access nodes by clicking on the "My Nodes" tab from "Overview Page".

  • To view detailed information about a specific node, click on the "View Details" icon under Actions.

Step 4: RPC Endpoint

  • After deployment, you will receive the endpoint for the Arbitrum Orbit RPC. You can use this endpoint to access and utilize the Arbitrum Orbit JSON RPC methods.

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