View Analytics

Analytics are shown during and after node syncing. The View Analytics feature allows you to access multiple reports in various formats, such as graphs, pie charts, and more. Additionally, you can verify CPU utilization, node and network deployment processes, logs, and alerts.

Follow these steps to access the analytics:

Step 1: Navigate to View Network - On the left navigation, click on the Dedicated Validator Nodes under the Public Chains menu item. On the Polygon network Row, click on the info icon.

Step 2: Navigate to Analytics - On the top right corner there are analytics for two nodes:

  • Sentry Analytics

  • Validator Analytics

Click on the node in which you want to see the analytics.

Step 4: Analytics Sub-menu - The options below will be displayed once you click View Analytics.

  • Node

  • Polygon Bor

  • Polygon Heimdall

  • Polygon Log

  • Alert


In the node section, you get the details about your node's machine configuration

  • CPU Used: how much CPU is consumed by the processes

  • Ram Used: How much RAM is being used

  • CPU Usage: Graph of the CPU usage against time

  • Ram Usage: Graph of the RAM usage against time

  • Swap Used: How much Swap is currently used

  • Root FS Used: How much Root FS is currently used

  • CPU Basic Graph

  • Memory Stack Graph

  • Network Traffic Graph

  • Disk Space Used

  • CPU Cores: Number of CPU

  • RAM: Total RAM in GB

  • Uptime: how long server is running

  • Root FS : Root FS size

Polygon Bor

In Polygon bor you get the details about your polygon bor node

  • CPU: graph of CPU usage of the system, iowait & geth

  • Memory: graph of memory usage

  • Disk: read-write graph of disk

  • Traffic: graph of the traffic

  • Peer: Graph of the Peers

  • Chain Head: Graph of the chain head

  • Transaction Pool: Graph of the transaction pool

  • Block Processing: Block processing graph

  • Transaction Propagation

  • Data rate

  • Session Totals

  • Storage Size

  • Clean Cache

  • Dirty Cache

Polygon Heimdall

HeimdallDetails about the polygon heimdall

  • Block Height: Block height of the node

  • Total Transaction: Number of transaction

  • Avg Block Time: new block average time

  • Bonded Token: total bonded token

  • Validators: graph of number of validatorUnco

  • Voting Power: Graph of voting power

  • Block size: Graph block size

  • Transaction: Graph of transaction

  • Connected peers: Number of connected peers

  • Unconfirmed Transaction: number of unconfirmed transaction

  • Failed Transaction: Number of failed transaction

  • Recheck times

  • Total network input

  • Total network output

Polygon Logs

  • Polygon Heimdall logs

  • Polygon bor logs


List of the alerts (errors or warnings)

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