Deploy Polygon PoS Validator Node

You need first to have a subscription to deploy a node.

Visit here to know more.

Step 1: Register/Login - Create a new account or log in to your existing account on the Zeeve Platform.

Step 2: Validator Full Node - Navigate to the Dedicated Validator Nodes page on the platform. Navigate Polygon PoS in the Pending Deployments section and click on the Deploy button.

Step 2: Polygon PoS Network Creation Form - You will get redirected to a form to create the network. Fill in the details as your requirements.

  • Node Config - Node related details for the node like Node Name, Node Description, Node Type (Mainnet/Testnet), and Workspace.

  • Cloud Config - Cloud related details like region, etc.

Click on the Submit button to initiate the deployment of your full node. The created network will be visible on the Dedicated Validator Nodes page.

It will be provisioning, It is a manual process so it may take time to get in the ready state.

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