View Node Details

Follow these steps to access node details:

Step 1: Navigate to Full Node Page - On the left navigation pane, click on the Dedicated Full Nodes under the PUBLIC CHAINS section. Now on this page, you will see your deployed full nodes list under Full Nodes (x). On your desired node item, Click the View Details button below the ACTIONS field.

Step 2: Node Details Page - Now you will be redirected to the Node details page, where you can go through all available details.

You can also refer to the following section in case of different interfaces for some other nodes.

View Endpoint - On the network page, click the View Endpoint button corresponding to a node.

After clicking the button, you will be able to check the following details:

  • Bor Endpoints

  • Example connection snippet

  • Bor and Heimdall Block Height and Syncing status

  • Bor configuration

  • Heimdall configuration

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