Manage Workspaces

Workspace is required when creating any network. Creating your own blockchain network has become easy with a handful of steps using Zeeve. These networks can also be altered as per the need of the required deployment with the help of given protocol-specific parameters that help you align with your desired network performance

So wondering upon how to begin? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Create Workspace

  2. Create Network

Create Workspace:

  1. Click on the Workspace option in the left navigation bar.

  1. You will land on a page similar to below image:

  1. Click on the New Workspace option, and a pop-up shows as follows:

  1. When you click on the Create Workspace button, a new workspace is created as below:

Create Network

  1. Click the Workspace option in the left navigation tab to open the recently created workspace.

  2. Click on the View Workspace icon and select the option View Workspace.

  1. You will land on the Add Network Page. You can create the network by clicking on the Add Network option.

  1. You land on Zeeve's network listing page, where you will get the list of all the networks you have created. Click on Add Network.

Here, you will see different cards with different network configurations of different protocols. These cards can be different according to your purchased subscriptions. Choose the configuration of your choice for creating a network, and click on a card accordingly.

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