View Analytics

Analytics are shown during and after node syncing. The View Analytics feature allows you to access multiple reports in various formats, such as graphs, pie charts, and more. Additionally, you can verify CPU utilization, node and network deployment processes, logs, and alerts.

Follow these steps to access the analytics:

Step 1: Navigate to View Network - On the left navigation, click on the Validator Nodes under the Manage Services menu item. On the Polkadot network card, click on the ellipsis and then click on the View Network option.

Step 2: Navigate to View Analytics - On the Network details page, click on the View Analytics link.

Step 3: Analytics Sub-menu - The options below will be displayed once you click View Analytics.

  • Node

  • Polkadot

  • Polkadot Log

  • Polkadot Alerts


Here, you can see the machine’s health & status in different formats where the node is running. In the Node tab, you can see the following data:

  • CPU used

  • RAM used

  • Swap used

  • Root FS used


Here, you can see blockchain-related information. In the Polkadot, you can see the following data:

  • Height of the chain

  • Bandwidth bytes usage per second

  • Tasks Rate

  • Running Tasks

  • Peers Connected and Discovered

  • State Cache DB

  • GRANDPA Validator Messages

  • State Cache

  • Queued Blocks(sync)

  • No. of Transactions(Ready Queue)

  • No. of Leaves

Polkadot Logs

Here, you can see the logs.

Polkadot Alerts

Here, you can see machine alerts, status, and severity. A filter option is available to search for any particular alert.

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