Manage zkSync Hyperchain

You can manage your zkSync Hyperchain network by following the below steps:

Step 1: Zeeve Dashboard - On the Zeeve platform dashboard click on the zkSync Hyperchains option under the APPCHAINS & ROLLUPS section available in the left sidebar. This will show your deployed zkSync Hyperchain network.

Step 2: Deployed zkSync Hyperchains - Click on View.

Step 3: zkSync Hyperchain Overview Page - Click on the Explorers button to open L2 Explorer.

Step 4: Blockchain Configuration - To view blockchain configuration click the Blockchain Config tab on the overview page. On the blockchain configuration page, you can view the blockchain configurations. You can also download the zkSync Hyperchain env by clicking on the Download icon.

Step 5: Bridge - To view the bridge click on the Bridge tab on the overview page. Open the bridge by clicking on the icon next to the bridge URL. This will open the zkSync hyperchain Bridge page where you can perform bridge operations.

Step 6: My Nodes - To view nodes click on the My Nodes Tab. To view the Node Details Page click on the View Details icon under Actions. To view details about other nodes simply click on the tab for that node.

Step 7: My Wallets - To view wallet information click on the My Wallets tab on the overview page. You can view the wallets on Explorers by clicking on the links provided against each wallet.

Step 8: Smart Contracts - To view smart contracts click on the Smart Contracts tab on the overview page. Click on the icon under the Actions column to view smart contracts on the Explorer.

Step 9: Cloud Infra - To view cloud infra click on the Cloud Infra tab on the overview page.

Step 10: Delete zkSync Hyperchain: To delete your deployed zkSync Hyperchain click on the Delete icon present on the rightmost corner of the Overview page. Click on the Confirm button to delete your network. Click on the Cancel button if you do not want to delete your network for now.

Step 11: Analytics Page: Click on the Analytics button. Select the item from the dropdown for which you want to view the analytics. This will open the analytics page for that option. If you want to view analytics for some other option you can click on the dropdown available on the Analytics page and choose your option.

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