Analytics are shown during and after node syncing. The View Analytics feature allows you to access multiple reports in various formats, such as graphs, pie charts, and more. Additionally, you can verify CPU utilization, node and network deployment processes, logs, and alerts.

Follow these steps to access the analytics:

Step 1: Navigate to Validator Nodes Management Screen - On the left navigation, click on the Dedicated Validator Nodes where user can see a list of validator nodes that have been deployed.

Under the list of validator nodes, there will be an Actions with options available for each node.

  • View Details: Click on this option to view detailed information about the selected validator node.

  • Monitor Nodes: Clicking on this option allows you to monitor the performance and status of the selected validator node in real-time. This might include metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, network activity, and more.

Step 2: Navigate to View Analytics - Click on the Monitor Nodes to view Analytics.

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