Setup zkSync Hyperchain

Follow the below steps to create a zkSync Hyperchain through the Zeeve platform:

Step 1: Register/Login - Create a new account or Log in to the existing account on the Zeeve Platform.

Step 2: zkSync Hyperchain - Select zkSync Hyperchains under the APPCHAINS & ROLLUPS section from the left navigation pane.

Step 3: Create a New zkSync Hyperchain - Click on the Deploy Devnet card or button at the topmost right.

Step 4: General Configurations - Enter Hyperchain name and Hyperhain ID and select any of the Workspaces that you have. Click on the Next button for Blockchain Configurations.

Step 7: RPC Configurations - Enter RPC Node Name. Enable HTTPS or WSS by ticking the checkboxes available. API key authentication method will be auto-selected. Select the APIs you want to enable for Layer 2 RPC calls.

Step 8: Infrastructure Configurations - Select the Region in which you want zkSync Hyperchain to be deployed. Click on the Next button.

Step 9: Deployment notification - A notification will pop up that will ensure the deployment has been started.

Step 10: Success notification - After 1-2 hours you will get notifications of deployment completion.

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