Setup OP Stack

Follow the below steps to create a OP Stack through the Zeeve platform

Step 1: Register/Login

  • Create a new account or log in to the existing account on the Zeeve Platform.

Step 2: OP Stack

  • Choose "OP Stack" from the "APPCHAINS & ROLLUPS" section in the left navigation pane.

Step 3: Create a New OP Stack Network

  • Click on the "Deploy Devnet" card or button located at the top right corner.

Step 4: Select Environment

  • Choose the deployment environment: devnet, testnet, or mainnet.

Step 5: Network Details

  • Specify the name for the OP Stack and select one of the available Workspaces.

  • Provide the preminted account address along with its balance in Ether.

Step 6: Settlement Layer

  • Ethereum serves as the default settlement layer for all environments.

Step 7: External DA

  • In devnet, the default external DA is 'ON chain data availability,' while for testnet and mainnet, customization of the specific partner (Celestia, Near, Avail, or Eigen) is available under 'OFF chain data availability.'

Step 8: Sequencer

  • In devnet, the default sequencer is 'Centralized,' whereas for testnet and mainnet, customization of the specific partner (Espresso or Radius) is available under 'Decentralized Sequencer.'

Step 9: Integrations

  • In devnet, default integrations will be pre-selected and provided.

  • For testnet and mainnet, you can choose the main integrations and third-party integrations based on your deployment requirements.

Step 10: Deploy/Submit Request

  • For devnet deployment, you'll be redirected to the created network page upon completion.

  • For testnet and mainnet deployment, you can submit a request to our support team.

  • They will contact you via email, and you can also schedule a call with our team after submitting the deployment request for your testnet and mainnet.

Please review the network deployment settings provided in the attached document for both devnet and other environments.

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