Bootstrap Status & Validator Node Id

Node Status -

Step 1: Navigate to View Network - On the left navigation, click on the Validator Nodes under the Manage Services menu item. On the Avalanche network card, click on ellipsis and then click on View Network.

Step 2: Running State of Node - Once the provisioning of the node is completed, the node comes into the running state.

Step 3: Node Info - After clicking on View Details, the Node Info column will appear, displaying the Bootstrap Status and Block height (when the bootstrapping is complete).

Step 4: Node Id- At the bottom of the network detail page, a column of Validator Node ID (appears after clicking on the View Details button) can be used to stake through Avalanche wallet for both Mainnet and Testnet. The Node ID is present in encrypted form but can be viewed by clicking on the eye icon and copied by clicking on the copy button.

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