View Validator Details

Follow these steps to access the node details:

Step 1: Navigate to Node Details - On the left navigation, click on the Dedicated Validator Nodes under the Public Chains menu item. On the Polygon PoS row, click on the info icon at the end.

You will see the details of the particular node.

  • General Info - Details about the network like name, id, duration, and creation date.

  • Staking Info - Details about staking like the owner, signer, and validator ID. Cards about staking details like commission and stake amount.

  • Delegators - List of the delegetors address and stake amount.

  • Cloud Infra - Details about the cloud name, status, and region.

  • Alerts - If there is some issue in the instance or the deployed blockchain node. You will the alerts here.

  • Node Health and Height Status Cards - You can see the node health like block height and syncing status for the chain.

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