Manage Settings

Step 1: Register/Login - Create a new account or log in to your existing account on the Zeeve Platform.

Step 2: Navigate to Graph Nodes - Click on the Graph Nodes in the TRACEYE section on the Left navigation panel.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Graph Node screen to view a list of all existing nodes and their respective subgraphs.

Step 4: Select a subgraph to navigate to its details page, then click on the Settings tab. This section displays all your configured settings.

Step 5: To apply new settings, adjust them as needed and then click Save Button to confirm your changes.

Setting Types


Subgraph notifications are a pivotal feature for users who rely on subgraph data for their applications or analyses. These notifications are designed to inform users about significant changes and milestones in the lifecycle of a subgraph, enhancing the overall user experience by ensuring critical updates are timely communicated. Here are the main scenarios where notifications are triggered:

Subgraph Status

Notifications are sent out once the status of a subgraph changes to 'Healthy', 'Unhealthy', or 'Failed'. This feature is crucial for maintaining the reliability and performance of applications that depend on subgraph data.

Completely Synced

Notifications are sent out once a subgraph has fully synced with the blockchain. This ensures that users are aware of when the data from a subgraph is up to date and reflects the latest state of the blockchain._

Query Ready

Notifications are sent out once the subgraph are ready to be queried, ensuring that they can leverage the latest data and information immediately.

Implementing these notifications helps users monitor their subgraphs effectively, reducing the need for manual checks and enabling more efficient management of their applications or data analyses.

You will receive notifications both in-app and via email.

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