Manage Subgraph

This section will guide you on how to manage a subgraph.

Create Subgraph

The node needs to be in the live state for you to add a subgraph to it.

Step 1: Graph Nodes - Navigate to the Graph Nodes page on the platform. Here you will see a list of nodes that you purchased and the ones that are already deployed. Now, click on either of the Add Subgraph buttons.

Step 2: Create Subgraph - Choose the Create New option from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Enter Details - Provide a name, and choose the node and the network for your subgraph. Now, click on the Add button to create a new subgraph. NOTE: If only one node is live then it will be pre-selected. Also, if a single network is present in the node then it will also be pre-selected.

On successful creation, you will be redirected to the subgraph detail page.

Deploy Subgraph

Step 1: Navigate to the Details section on the subgraph detail page. Now, click on the Deployment Command button.

Step 2: Follow the steps provided on the screen to deploy your own subgraph.

Query Subgraph

The subgraph must be deployed and indexed before it can be queried.

On the subgraph detail page, navigate to the Query URL section. Click on [1] to open the GraphiQL query editor on a new tab, or click on [2] to copy the query URL.

Delete Subgraph

On the subgraph detail page, click on the Delete button on the top right corner of the screen.

Now, click on the Continue button to delete the subgraph.

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